2020's VA home loan limits for Schoharie County, NY

Look up the VA home loan limits for Schoharie County, NY as published by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). There is no maximum VA home loan limit, however, the Veteran's Administration will only guarantee up to the following loan amounts.

One-Family is a single family home or condominium$417,000
Two-Family is two separate living units (duplex)$533,850
Three-Family three separate living units (triplex)$645,300
Four-Family four separate living units (fourplex)$801,950

Amounts shown below are maximum limits allowed by the provisions of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008. The specific high-cost area loan limits are established for each county (or equivalent) by FHFA. Lenders are responsible for ensuring that the original loan amount of each mortgage loan does not exceed the applicable maximum loan limit for the specific area in which the property is located.

Tip: Before to apply on VA loan, always compare at least 3 different VA lenders to fina a better mortgage rate.

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